Patent Searches

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    Prior Art Search

    General research in the field embracing the subject of the search enabling to determine groups of solutions protected within this field, in particular for conducting subsequent Patentability Search or Clearance Search

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    Prior Art and Patentability Search

    Aims in determining whether the subject of the search is patentable and may by the subject of a patent (or utility model) application.

    It is especially recommended before filing a patent application:
    • in case the results are positive the search enables for distinguishing the subject from the prior art solutions and thus to define the broadest possible scope of patent protection, as well as to foresee the future of the patent prosecution;
    • in case the results are negative the search enables for avoiding high costs of patent prosecutions that might not succeed in patent protection.
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    Clearance Search (freedom to operate)

    Aims in determining whether the subject of the search would violate an issued patent or pending application for which the patent may be granted at the territory of the search.

Everything made available to the public by means of a written or oral description, by use, or in any other way, before the date of filing of the European patent application.

state of art


We always apply the utmost care when conducting patent searches. Obviously the results of the search determine our clients decisions concerning future of the patent prosecution and their consequences.

Results of our searches are provided in a form of transparent and clear report comprising a list of patent documents related to the subject of the search, and – independently to the search results – the final concluding opinion of a patent attorney responsible for the search with suggestions concerning future business actions.

Patent documents attached to the report are strictly related with the subject of a search. Thus our client receives only the information that is the most relevant to the subject of the search and thus relatively easy to analyze.

Thoroughful technical education and many years' experience enable us to exhaustively understand the gist of each of the searched solutions. Frequently during our searches we have been able to define an invention even better than technical specialists of our client.