• 1

    A trademark application

    Only the following information is required:

    • applicant's particulars;
    • trademark;
    • list of goods and/or services to be trademark protected.
  • 2

    Territorial scope of protection

    A trademark may be protected:

    • in Poland by a right of protection granted by the Polish Patent Office;
    • in all European Community countries by registering of a Community trademark before OHIM;
    • worldwide through International Registration granted by WIPO or throught national patent offices.

Designation that allows a customer to distinguish goods (services) of a given firm from those offered by others. It may be for example:

  • a word;
  • a combination of words, letters, numbers and also a slogan, a name, a company’s name etc.;
  • a figure, ornament, coloristic composition;
  • a logo, combination of wordy and graphic elements;
  • a three-dimensional form (i.e. shape or a package of a product);
  • melody or other acoustic signal.

Trademark protection is not limited in time and may be extended as long as official fees for subsequent 10 years protection periods are duly paid.

protection period


Trademark protection is a strong and robust marketing tool to promote a company and its products. Trademarks support creation of positive image and renown of an enterprise, indicate products and their quality. Trademarks also enables for a distinction of a company’s products from those offered by competition. Thanks to that trademarks build confidence and serve to win customers loyalty.

A trademark does not only strengthen position and competitive advantage but is also a significant component of trading assets. It has measurable material value, consequently accounts for the company assets and also increase its revenue.

A number of brands operating in the marketplace rises constantly and Patent Offices worldwide notice increasing interest of trademark protection.

Despite popular opinions, costs of protecting a trademark are considerably lower than expenses related to their advertising or marketing. In turn, advantages of a trademark protection are enormous.

Registration of a trademark guarantees its exclusive use in the market, excluding possibility of its application by other subjects or competitive firms, counterfeiting, and illegal use of the mark.

Lack of appropriate protection of a mark may lead to a long-lasting litigation resulting in a loss of a mark in the interest of a competitive firm.

For our clients we provide not only professional lawyers’ service but mostly help and consultancy at each stage of prosecution:

  • starting from creating strategy of protecting a mark, choosing optimal field of protection and fresearching availability of a brand;
  • through all the procedural and legal matters, proceeding, extension of protection, representing concerning litigation, opposition and cancellation, protecting of a mark against infringement;
  • to preparation of contracts, licenses and opinions, negotiation contracts, protection abroad, examination due diligence etc.