Patent Proceedings

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    Polish Patent Proceedings

    Aims to obtain patent protection in Poland. This usually takes up to 6 years from the date of filling a patent application and - if successful – results in a patent grant decision.. During proceeings the PPO may issue communications objecting to the patentability of the invention. It is often possible to limit the intended scope of protection or to convert a patent application a into utility model application .

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    European Patent Proceedings

    Aims in obtaining a European Patent that may be validated in preselected European states. Application is usually filed in English and the EPO may invite to limit the intended scope of patent protection.

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    PCT Patent Proceedings (international)

    Unifies and standardizes international patent proceedings, as well as enables a decision to protect an invention internationally to be postponed by up to 30 months from the first filing date. In Europe the term to enter the Euro-PCT phase is even longer.

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    PCT Patent Proceedings (national)

    Aims to obtain patent protection in a selected state and may be a continuation of PCT Proceedings. It is conducted in close cooperation with renowned and verified patent attorneys.


Our office provides services at each stage of proceedings from starting to an application through obtaining protection up to its expiration. We also advise our clients on the most profitable variant of proceedings depending on their expectations and plans for further development.

Our many years of experience in supervising proceedings before the Polish and the European Patent Office is confirmed by the fact that for most of the applications that we have filed, patent protection has been granted, including cases seemingly hopeless that we took over after proceedings had already begun.

We use our own tailored patent management system dedicated to international patent proceedings that allows the supervision of them in an efficient and reliable way.