Our services

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    We comprehensively handle all issues of Intellectual Property maintaining an individual approach to each and every case at hand. We work timely and efficiently.

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    We know the value of time but at the same time we know the importance of precision of our work and clearly understand all the intricacies and pitfalls of the Intellectual Property law.

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    We always aim for the broadest possible protection of inventions that we draft and file inspiring inventors and creating new variants and embodiments of solutions they have contemplated.

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    The Office works continuously since 1992. Hundreds of inventions that we have filed for protection and many years’ practice we have worked our good standing. We know whet we do.


Services provided by the Office involve not only the intellectual property.

Office attorneys take part in proceedings involving virtually all disciplines of science and engineering including chemistry, biology, physics, mechanics, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, electronics and IT.